1. AccuRanker Review & Alternatives — Superior Speed and Accuracy

    The success of your SEO campaign hinges on the ability to track your keywords effectively and see how your website ranks on Google.

    There are dozens of different tools online that provide this functionality. In fact, we reviewed over 35 of the best rank trackers on:

    • Speed
    • Accuracy
    • Check frequency
    • Location support
    • Search engine support
    • And other crucial features

    AccuRanker stands out as one of the fastest, most reliable, and most accurate SERP trackers. In this article, we’ll go over all of AccuRanker’s features and provide you with a detailed review of the tool, so you can make an informed decision.

    Why You Should Listen to Us About AccuRanker

    Before we get started, let’s address the elephant in the room. 

    Why should you listen to our opinion on rank trackers? There are hundreds of marketers, bloggers, and affiliates out there, sharing their thoughts on a variety of different tools. It’s difficult to tell who you can trust, especially when everyone’s telling you the tool they’re reviewing is “the best rank tracker of all time.” 

    The truth is, there isn’t a single tool that’s objectively the best. It all depends on your SEO needs, skills, experience, and existing workflows. That’s why we’ll provide you with unbiased reviews of the most popular rank trackers, explain all of their features, and point out each tool’s flaws and drawbacks. 

    The second reason is that we run effective SEO campaigns for a variety of clients. In the last year alone, we took three projects from almost 0 to over 100,000 monthly organic search visitors.

    Doggypedia.org (Publisher)

    We grew Doggypedia to 18,500,000 Pinterest impressions and over 5,700 hours of YouTube watch time in 2019.

    DoNotPay (B2C SaaS)

    CampusReel (B2C Saas)

    Check out our CampusReel case study and see how we crush B2C SEO.

    Keyword research and SEO aren’t a guessing game. We’re not just sharing our opinion based on what we “believe” works. Everything you’ll read on contentdistribution.com is based on raw data and real-life results.

    With that out of the way, let’s jump right and see how well AccuRanker meets your business needs.

    About AccuRanker

    AccuRanker dubs itself “the fastest keyword rank tracker.” 

    Judging by a large amount of overwhelmingly positive user reviews online and the fact that the tool is used by companies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and other giants in the online marketing niche, it’s safe to say that this title is well justified.

    AccuRanker Homepage

    Apart from the speed of checks, what sets AccuRanker apart from the competition are the tool’s reliability and accuracy. 

    You’re highly unlikely to experience any issues with this rank tracker, and even on the off chance you do encounter a bug or any difficulties with AccuRanker, you can get in touch with their outstanding support team.

    Aside from offering you assistance via live chat, AccuRanker’s support can also provide you with one-on-one “best practice sessions” and extensive guides to help you utilize the tool’s full potential.

    AccuRanker offers a 14-day free trial. To get started using this tool, simply enter your email address.

    AccuRanker Free Trial

    Once you verify your email, you’ll need to set up your account. What’s worth noting here is that AccuRanker asks for a ton of personal information — more than some people might be willing to share for a free trial.

    Aside from your name and password, the required fields when signing up include:

    • Your company name
    • Number of employees
    • Company type
    • The number of keywords you plan to track
    • And your phone number

    The number of keywords you wish to track likely serves the purpose of promoting a pricing plan to you that best aligns with your needs. You can always upscale, if necessary, so this field isn’t all too important when creating the account.

    The main issue is the fact that you can’t create an account without giving the company your phone number. If you’re not too keen on receiving promotional text messages, you can always enter a random number from a fake generator since there’s no phone number verification.

    Once you’re done setting up your free account, you’ll be redirected to the tool’s welcome page that features a short welcome message and a brief video explaining how to get started with AccuRanker.

    AccuRanker Welcome Page

    From here, you can visit the tool’s help center if you have any additional questions or click the “Add domain” button if you’re ready to get started.

    AccuRanker’s free trial is quite generous, letting you track up to 100 keywords for two weeks with the free plan. You also have access to all of the tool’s features, so you can see exactly whether it will fit your project.

    This is a huge plus given the fact that most other rank trackers that offer free trials severely limit the number of keywords you can track (usually around ten) and allow you to test out only the most basic features.

    On the other side of the spectrum, AccuRanker’s paid plans aren’t exactly affordable. The cheapest option is €99 (around $112) per month for 1,000 keywords. The price goes all the way up to €1,975 (around $2,215) for 50,000 keywords. 

    The annual billing plan shaves 10% off the price, but subscribing to AccuRanker is still a significant investment. We suggest making the most out of the free trial period and making sure AccuRanker is the best tool for your project before committing.

    AccuRanker Pricing

    You’ll have access to all of the tool’s features, regardless of which plan you select. 

    The one thing to keep in mind is that AccuRanker counts every single setting you select when creating your project towards the keyword count. 

    For example, if you choose both Google and Bing, the tool counts this as two searches. For every language you select, AccuRanker multiplies the searches, so for three languages, that would be six out of 1,000 searches spent, for a single keyword.

    So, although a thousand keyword searches may seem sufficient, if you’re handling larger projects, you’ll likely need to upgrade to a pricier plan. 

    Here’s a quick overview of AccuRanker:

    AccuRanker Overview

    Monthly cost From  €99 ($112) per month to €1,975 ($2,215) per month
    Number of keywords From 1,000 to 50,000 keywords, depending on the plan
    Search frequency  30
    Actual searches per month 30,000 – 1,500,000
    Cost per keywords/monthly $0.0037
    Year funded 2013
    g2 reviews 4.5 stars
    Capterra reviews 4.8 stars
    Number of employees 14
    Facebook followers 523
    Twitter followers 2764

    Let’s go over AccuRanker’s main features to see if the tool’s functionality justifies the steep price.

    AccuRanker Features

    AccuRanker offers all of the standard features any rank tracker should have and then some. 

    The tool gives you a detailed analysis of your rankings, showing you a wide range of relevant metrics, while at the same time allowing you to filter the data quickly and easily.

    AccuRanker Overview

    AccuRanker provides a wealth of data related to your rankings, but you won’t feel overwhelmed because the information is presented through lists, graphs, and charts, making the tool fairly easy to navigate. 

    AccuRanker’s key features include:

    1. Search engine, language, location, and device support
    2. Check frequency
    3. Reporting
    4. Share of voice
    5. Third-party integrations
    6. Google Grump

    Search Engine, Language, Location, and Device Support

    AccuRanker bundles all four features together, allowing you to select the search engine you want to check the rankings for, along with the language, location, and device — all from the same menu. 

    When adding a new domain inside AccuRanker, if you select the United States as the target market you want to check your rankings for, it would appear that you can only choose the language. 

    That isn’t the case. The tool doesn’t automatically include both Google and Bing searches — it merely shows you which search engines are available in that region.

    Once you select the language, you’ll see a new window where you can check between desktop and mobile for different search engines, and even add specific locations if you’re targeting a specific geographic area.

    There are a few additional settings that you can select, and if you’re unsure what each of them does, you can simply hover your cursor over the question mark for more information.

    The fact that AccuRanker also supports YouTube rank tracking is a huge plus. The only reason why it’s not available in the image above is the fact that you will need to add the channel as a domain when creating your project. 

    Check Frequency

    By default, AccuRanker updates the keyword rankings daily. When you first add the keywords, the tool will immediately perform the check and show you the current rankings. 

    AccuRanker doesn’t offer any check frequency customization, but it does allow you to manually refresh the keywords every two hours. 


    AccuRanker allows its users to create scheduled reports and to have the tool automatically send them to any number of email addresses daily, weekly, or monthly.

    AccuRanker Scheduled Reports

    AccuRanker offers a decent level of customization when it comes to creating reports.

    There are four report types you can choose from:

    • PDF
    • CSV
    • Excel 
    • Google Sheets

    The tool provides also lets you select between four templates:

    • Keywords only
    • Keywords only without search volume
    • Standard report
    • Standard report without search volume

    You can write the email subject line, as well as the email body directly from AccuRanker, and choose which email address you want to send the report from.

    You can also add a variety of filters to the report, depending on what data you want it to portray and how you want the report to be organized. For example, you can have it show rankings for starred keywords only, sort them by the search engine, location, device, rank change, etc. 

    Share of Voice

    AccuRanker’s Share of Voice feature is fairly similar to the Average Rank metric. That said, the Average Rank can often provide you with misleading data, whereas AccuRanker’s SoV feature only reflects significant changes in the performance of your most important keywords.

    What this means is that AccuRanker will prioritize changes for keywords on the first page of Google over changes on other pages, giving you insight into how your keywords that generate the most organic traffic are performing.

    Another interesting feature is the Share of Voice Landing Pages. It lets you see which of your website’s pages generate the most traffic.

    AccuRanker Share of Voice Landing Pages

    Here, we see that DoNotPay’s homepage generates over 94% of the site’s organic traffic. 

    By seeing where visitors land on your website, you’ll know exactly what topics they’re most interested in and can continue producing content around those topics.

    Third-Party Integrations

    AccuRanker supports third-party integrations, so you can expand its reporting features by connecting to Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, databox, etc.

    AccuRanker Integrations

    This is good news if you want to access even more data on top of keyword rankings within AccuRanker, or need to import keywords into the tool as CSV, or export the data from the rank tracker to Google Sheets. 

    Google Grump

    Once you create an account and log into AccuRank’s dashboard, on the left-hand side, you’ll see an icon in the shape of a tiger’s head that looks extremely out of place.

    AccuRank’s Google Grump 

    Clicking on it will open a new page in the browser, where AccuRank will introduce you to its “Google Grump” rating. 

    Essentially, what the feature on this page allows you to do is see “Google’s mood swings.”

    Daily Google Grump Rating

    At times, ranking changes can be the result of a new Google algorithm, so it’s good to keep track of how Google behaves.

    You don’t have to manually check Google’s mood every day — AccuRank gives you the option to subscribe to Google Grump and receive updates on the search engine’s mood daily.

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    How We Automate Keyword Research Before Using AccuRanker

    Let’s face it — keyword research is broken.

    1. You typically need a high level of skill and years of experience to do effective keyword research
    2. Doing keyword research manually is tedious and extremely time-consuming
    3. Most SEOs rely on their gut feelings and intuition when doing keyword research
    4. Everyone on the Internet shares different keyword research advice, but nobody is using data to make their keyword decisions
    5. That’s why it’s difficult to delegate high-quality keyword research to junior SEOs with limited experience
    6. In the end, you get different deliverables from one person to the next

    Most people look at keyword research as an art and base their decisions on what “feels right.”  This trial and error approach takes way too much time and significantly lowers your ROI, even if you get it right eventually. 

    The reality is, there’s no reason for keyword research to be so unpredictable. With a data-driven approach, you can turn keyword research into an exact science. ClusterAi does exactly that! 

    ClusterAi relies on hard data from Google and lets anyone perform expert-level keyword research every single time, no matter if they’re an SEO expert or have absolutely no previous experience.

    1. ClusterAi takes the data directly from Google, eliminating the need for speculations
    2. By doing so, it leaves no room for human error and ensures your keyword research is perfect every single time
    3. ClusterAi automates the entire process, providing you with hundreds of keywords in minutes, saving you weeks-worth of work
    4. It sorts the data into unique content topics, based on the main keyword and its variations, so you’ll know exactly what keywords to rank for on every single page

    Expert-Level Keyword Research That Guarantees High Rankings

    To better understand how ClusterAi enables you to do perfect keyword research every time, let’s see how the tool works using an example in the pet niche. 

    Let’s say we’re running a website about pets and want to attract dog lovers. 

    1. We go into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and type in “dog”
    2. Then we select the “Having same term” from the left-hand menu

    Since the term is very broad, the tool shows us over 10,000,000 variations for “dog.”

    To narrow it down, we’ll add “food” as another search term to use in conjunction with “dog.” 

    Now, we see 455,000 variations that include both terms.

    We can export the top 25,000 keyword variations based on search volume.

    With a single click, we can import that list into ClusterAi

    1. The tool scrapes the first ten results on Google for every keyword on the list
    2. It compares all 25,000 keywords against each other
    3. ClusterAi looks for keywords that share three or more URLs
    4. Then it clusters the main keywords and their variations unique content topics 

    In minutes, you’ll have a comprehensive list that shows you data by:

    • Main keyword The core keyword in each group
    • Total search volume — Search volume for all keywords in a group, combined 
    • The variations — All variations of the core keyword that you can rank for with the same page

    Click any cell in the list above to expand it if you want to see the full list of variations.

    That’s it — job done! You get a list with over 1,000 unique content topics in literally minutes. Not only does ClusterAi save you a ton of time, but it also ensures your keyword research is perfect since all the data is taken directly from Google.

    Instead of slaving away for weeks and comparing the keywords manually, ClusterAi lets you do expert-level keyword research in an instant!

    You don’t even have to know anything about SEO, so you can delegate it to any team member.

    AccuRanker Alternatives

    Although AccuRanker offers everything you can expect out of a rank tracker and more, it’s definitely not the most affordable option. 

    If you’re looking for an AccuRanker alternative that will better fit your budget, check out our reviews of the 35+ most popular rank trackers

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