Turn organic search into your #1 marketing channel

Calculating the ROI of an SEO Campaign

In the next 5 minutes you’re going to learn:

  1. Forecasting the ROI of your organic content distribution (SEO) project
  2. Forecasting costs to deliver the desired outcome
  3. Forecasting best, middle, and worst-case outcomes

The formula to understanding different SEO ROI outcomes is:

Total Monthly Searches * Click Through Rate * Conversion Rate * Average Order Value = SEO ROI.

We’ve even pre-built a calculator you can use or modify.

What’s the ROI?

The ROI on your campaign is equal to TMS+ CTR + CTA + AOV * LTV.

Total Monthly Searches

TMS is the sum of the monthly search volume across all of the keywords you found that can drive qualified traffic.

Click-Through Rate

CTR is the percentage of searches that result in a user clicking through to your website.

Your CTR is a reflection of where your website ranks for the keywords you’re targeting.

Position #1 on the first page receives about 30% of clicks.

Position #5 receives about 9.5% of clicks.


Conversion is the percentage of visitors that convert into a customer.

Average Order Value

AOV is the average transaction value.


What’s the LTV of your customer?


Turn organic search into your #1 marketing channel

Turn organic search into your #1 marketing channel


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