B2B SaaS SEO Case Studies Without Backlinks

We consistently create successful B2B SaaS SEO outcomes.

Again, and again, and again.

Without building backlinks or doing complicated technical BS.

And we’re going to show you with 3 real life examples.

  1. AnyLeads.com – Marketing suite used by companies like AirBNB, Lyft and Coca Cola.
  2. BrandChamp.io – Ambassador marketing platform working with brands like Jen Selter’s Blend Jet
  3. Archive360.com – Enterprise big data with a customer base including Samsung, Netflix and 3M

Any Leads (B2B Martech)

AnyLeads.com helps business grow on LinkedIn. It’s solutions are used by companies like AirBNB, Coca Cola, Lyft, IBM and more.

Besides their flagship logos, they look like a typical startup.

  • Technical founder & CEO
  • Very small team
  • A couple of hundred customers
  • A  couple of handful of organic backlinks
  • 70 pages of content
  • and nothing else

And through our engagement, AnyLeads.com grew from 0 to 46,000 organic visitors and 104 credit card required free trials per month.

Without building backlinks and without any black magic.

B2B SaaS SEO Case Study Video

Like learning via video?

Check out the AnyLeads.com case study recording I made for the Full Funnel B2B Marketing Summit.

Quick summary

  1. Why learning SEO is so hard
  2. How Google really works
  3. Why most SEO campaigns fail & the #1 lever to get the fastest SEO results.
  4. Systems to hire the best, most affordable writers on the internet
  5. Templates to turn any writer into an SEO content writer
  6. ROI Calculator to forecast results and costs

If you want to learn more about crushing all aspects of the B2B funnel, check out the other presentations at summit.getleado.com.

Full Funnel B2B Marketing Summit Everything You Know About SEO is a LIE

0 to 100,000 organics/month without backlinks or black magic.

The video is a lot more comprehensive then this article, so if you enjoyed the written content, definitely make time to watch the video.

Back to the written case study

Despite the lack of back links or black magic, this didn’t stop us from outranking brands like HubSpot and LinkedIn.

outranking HubSpot & LinkedIn with B2B SaaS SEO


Because Google’s goal isn’t to show the page with the most backlinks.

Or the page with the highest domain rating.

It’s to show the user the highest quality, most relevant pages for any given search query.

And by focusing 100% of our efforts on publishing the highest quality, most relevant content for every keyword we target, we out-compete competitors with giant budgets all day every day.

If you know how Google actually works, you’ll understand why backlinks aren’t necessary

Building a buyer persona

Identifying how your target audience searches at the bottom of the funnel is easy.

But ambitious brands want to meet their target audience across the entire funnel.

And when we understand who our audience is, we can guess what they’re searching for.

We identified AnyLead’s audience as searchers responsible for revenue generation,and because AnyLeads builds lead generation products on top of LinkedIn and email, we wanted to focus specifically on searches looking to grow their business through these channels.

Then we used Ahrefs to develop a list of thousands of keywords that would get us in-front of that audience.

The keyword research focused around:

  1. Email
  2. Lead generation
  3. B2B Sales / marketing

AnyLeads - KW Research

LinkedIn KWs #,Keyword,Country,Difficulty,Volume,CPC,Clicks,CPS,Return Rate,Parent Keyword,Last Update,SERP Features 1,linkedin summary examples,us,36,14000,5,19990,1.4,1.25,linkedin summary,########,Featured snippet, Thumbnails, People also ask, Image pack, Top stories 2,linkedin headline examples

This is a direct exports from Ahrefs. Click the tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheet to look at the keywords in the Email list.

Opportunity Analysis

We took our list of thousands of keywords and imported them into ClusterAi.

ClusterAi is a keyword grouping tool that takes large keyword lists and groups keywords that can rank together into unique topics.

ClusterAi changes keyword research from an art to a science:

  1. Map out every page of content you need to create to rank for all of the keywords in your list
  2. Allows marketers with no SEO experience to do expert level keyword research
  3. Eliminates human error by using data directly from Google to determine which keywords can rank together

It does this by scraping the rankings for each keyword, and comparing the results against each other.

If there are 3 or more pages in the first 10 search results that rank for a set of keywords, we can probably rank that set of keywords with one page.

But if there are 2 or less pages that rank that set of keywords, it’s unlikely we can rank for both keywords with one page.

Here is what that looks like.

  1. Main Keyword is the keyword with the most search volume in a keyword group
  2. Group searches is the sum of monthly searches across all keywords in a group
  3. Variations is a list of all the keyword variations that can rank with the main keyword

Anyleads - Cluster Ai

LinkedIn Group large lists of keywords using ClusterAi from ContentDistribution.com Main Keyword,Group Searches,Variations linkedin summary examples,36130,linkedin summary examples good linkedin summary best linkedin summaries linkedin summary template how to write a good linkedin summary linked...

Now that we have our keywords grouped into unique pages, we can figure out:

  1. Which opportunities are the highest priority based on intent, total search volume and competition
  2. Determine how many pages we need to write to rank for the opportunities identified
  3. How much it’s going to cost (use our SEO ROI calculator to forecast potential outcomes)

Save dozens of hours and automate your B2B SaaS keyword research with ClusterAi

Then we can decide our publishing velocity.

Do we want to publish our content calendar in 12 months? Or 6 months?

Remember, we can’t rank for a keyword until we have a page about that keyword, so brands that publish faster see the fastest SEO results.

Once we understand how fast we want to publish, we can calculate:

  1. Monthly budget
  2. How many writers we need

On the AnyLeads project we decided to publish 70 pages of content as fast as possible.

Learn how to find and hire the highest quality, most affordable writers on the internet.

Follow Up Resources for B2B SaaS SEO

Want to outrank stronger, more powerful domains?

Without building backlinks or implementing complicated technical BS?

  1. How Google actually works based on 65,000 page 1 keywords
  2. How to rank without backlinks (above competitors with a ton of backlinks)
  3. How to find and hire the highest quality, most affordable writers on the internet
  4. How to turn any writer into an SEO content writer producing content that ranks naturally (even with zero SEO experience!)
  5. The #1 lever you can pull to get the fastest SEO results
  6. SEO ROI Calculator
  7. Ranking for your comeptitor’s brand name with brand jacking
  8. Automating your B2B SaaS keyword research

Brand Champ (B2B Martech)

BrandChamp.io is a B2B SaaS that helps e-commerce brands scale their influencer, affiliate, and ambassador programs to thousands of participants.

Their product is critical for brands looking to scale past spreadsheets and a couple of dozen influencers.

BrandChamp homepage

BrandChamp has a seriously impressive offering that their customers love, but until we began working together, no one else had heard about them.

When their target audience was evaluating options, BrandChamp wasn’t under consideration.

Because up until we started working together, their only acquisition strategy was cold email outreach.

BrandChamp had a serious awareness problem.

The challenge

BrandChamp is self-funded and bootstrapped.

They didn’t have a big marketing budget, or really, any marketing budget at all.

Their founders didn’t take a paycheck so that they could instead fund their organic search investment.

Fortunately, BrandChamp chose contentdistribution.com.

The Results

contentdistribution.com helped BrandChamp rank above, and out-compete their well-funded, and much bigger competitors.

Their competitors have more money, more domain authority, and more backlinks.

And we ranked BrandChamp above them.

We brought BrandChamp SQLs from some huge names in e-commerce.

Like really huge.

And we did it without building backlinks or spending time on complicated technical activities.

Everything you know about SEO is a lie. Learn how Google really works (based on 65,000 1st page keywords).

Seriously, everything you know about SEO is a lie.

Our projects currently have over 65,000 first-page keywords, and we don’t build backlinks or get into complicated technical activities.

Do yourself a favor and read the blog post linked above.

There is a lot going on in the screenshot above.

It’s a screenshot from Ahrefs.com, the #1 tool for SEOs.

And what you’re looking at is the first page of search results for ‘Brand Ambassador Program.’

One of the most valuable keywords for which BrandChamp could rank.

There are only two places on which you need to focus.

The ‘DR’ column.

And the ‘backlinks column.’

DR or Domain Rating is a proprietary score Ahrefs has created to evaluate how strong, or authoritative, a domain is.

The higher the DR, the more authoritative the domain.

The more authoritative a domain is, the easier it ranks.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have a DR of 100.

The website you created yesterday has 0.

And backlinks is pretty self-explanatory, it’s the number of backlinks pointing to a page.

Notice how BrandChamp ranks above its competitors which have a higher Domain Rating and more backlinks?

That’s not a fluke.

We did it again

Brand Ambassador Software


And again

Brand Ambassador Program Template

And again


And again

brand ambassador program marketing


And again

Without building backlinks or getting into complicated technical activities.

Learn why BrandChamp outranks competitors with more money, more domain authority, and more backlinks.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We leveraged our organic search traffic to drive traction across other acquisition channels.

The next set of terms are a mix between consumers looking to rep a brand, and brands looking for ambassadors.

Check out the rankings.

Then learn how we funnel the different audiences down different paths in a way that allows BrandChamp to generate massive amounts of value.

Supplement brand ambassador


Fitness brand ambassador

fitness brand ambassador


Clothing brand ambassador

Only about five to ten percent of this traffic is businesses:

  1. Looking for brand ambassadors
  2. Doing competitive due diligence on how brands like them are leveraging brand ambassadors

And the very first thing they see when clicking onto any of these pages is a message speaking directly to them, linking them to:

  • An amazing case study of a brand just like them generating significant amounts of revenue using BrandChamp
  • A product landing page about the platform

Monetizing B2C traffic

Only five to ten percent of the traffic hitting these clothing, fitness, and supplement-brand-ambassador blog posts are businesses.

The tactic we used to create value from the consumer audience going to these blog posts is pretty clever.

Marketers love Facebook groups.

There are tons of Facebook Groups dedicated to connecting e-commerce brands to influencers and ambassadors.

A lot of these groups are owned by companies like BrandChamp, selling to e-commerce brands. Usually, they sell to some kind of influencer SaaS or influencer marketing agencies.

These groups attract a lot of e-commerce brands seeking influencers to promote their products.

Here is how the workflow looks:

  • E-commerce brands search Facebook for Groups they can use to recruit influencers

  • Brands join as many groups as they can find and post a request in the groups with an offer

  • The companies that own these groups message the e-commerce brand

So, for example, immediately after we speak to the e-commerce brands that hit BrandChamp’s ‘supplement fitness ambassador’ blog post, we speak to the consumer audience that is looking for brands to promote.

And we funnel this traffic to a Facebook Group owned by BrandChamp.

Check out the results:

Learn why BrandChamp ranks above competitors with higher domain authority and more backlinks.

Calculating the ROI on your B2B SaaS SEO Campaign

Does organic search sound like a viable growth lever?

The next step is to run the numbers to figure out the roi for organic content distribution.

Once you understand various ROI scenarios you can more appropriately prioritize organic search in your marketing budget.

Archive360 (B2B Records Management)

Archive360.com plays in the b2b enterprise data space helping companies like Netflix, 3M and Samsung  manage terabytes of employee generated  communication data required by various laws and legislation governing records management and retention.

Buyer Persona

Our buyer persona analysis indicated Archive360’s target audience is corporate IT departments searching for information related to the 3rd party products Archive360 integrates with, including products from Microsoft, Dell and Symantec.

Keyword research

We used ahrefs to develop a list of keywords related to the 3rd party systems that indicates that the person behind the search fits our buyer persona.

Opportunity analysis

We used ClusterAi to group the list of thousands of keywords into unique content topics.

This helped Archive360:

  1. Understand how their buyer persona was searching
  2. How many pages of content they need to publish to rank for all of the opportunities we identified to get in-front of their target audience
  3. The total cost of content
  4. How long it would take to saturate the funnel and appear everywhere their target audience is searching
  5. And the monthly budget required to hit their publishing goals

And we crushed it.


Archive360’s ranks for more than a dozen 3rd party companies.

So when a searcher is looking for information about specific Microsoft, Dell, Symantec products,  or one of another dozen products, Archive360 appears.

We position our content to give the user what they expect to read.

Then transition the content into a problem / solution of how Archive360 helps organizations using these products.

(Microsoft) Office 365 Journaling

Learn how to brand jack any company and drive their customers into your acquisition funnel

(Symantec) EV Cloud

Gwava Retain

Our best content

Want to learn how we’ve grown 4 websites from approximately zero to 100,000 visitors per month, with the biggest one doing 500,000 in just 17 months?

We share it all.

    1. How to turn any writer into an SEO content writer
    2. The #1 lever to get the fastest SEO results
    3. How to rank without backlinks
    4. Brand Jacking (ranking for your competitor’s brands)
    5. SEO ROI Calculator
    6. How to find and hire the highest quality, most affordable writers on the internet
    7. How Google actually works (based on 65,000 page 1 keywords)
    8. How we crush B2B SaaS SEO
    9. How we crush B2C SaaS SEO
    10. The greatest SEO case study of 2020: 0 to 479,000 monthly organic in 16 months

Want to crush Google and appear everywhere your target audience is searching?

We help ambitious brands crush Google. Think of us as an outsourced content manager responsible for everything from A to Z, from keyword research to recruiting a team of writers, to editing and optimizing their deliverables, to publishing.

Rather do it yourself?

Get the same content distribution engine we use to publish over 70 pages of content per month that naturally rank well in Google. That includes our Airtable setup, Zaps to automate tedious tasks, and over 45 process docs to delegate every step of the process to the right people.

Have a question? We have answers. Join our Facebook Group and learn with us.

AnyLeads B2B SaaS SEO Campaign

Keyword Research is broken.

Keyword research is broken. We fixed it.

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