Rank Consistently With Automated Keyword Research

Use data from the Google SERP’s to make smarter keyword decisions. Eliminate costly mistakes. Reduce keyword research time by 90%.

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Topical authority on auto-pilot


Rank consistently

Manual keyword research will often point you in the wrong way. Base your strategy on data from Google’s SERPs. Not gut feeling. Not guessing. Not opinions. Just data.


Delegate keyword research

ClusterAi reduces the barrier to entry for world class keyword research. Finally, you can delegate keyword research to someone on your team.


Stop wasting time

Complete three years worth of keyword research in minutes. Not days, not weeks. Minutes.


Become laser focused

Now you can finally outsource keyword research and be focused on other SEO activities of high importance.

How ClusterAi Groups Keywords

Build your keyword list

Use your favorite SEO tool to build a list of keywords. Including Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google Search Console, or any other tool via custom file imports.

Group 4962
Group 4963

Import your keyword list

Import up to 25,000 keywords into ClusterAi. The larger the list, the better the results ClusterAi will deliver.

Crawl Search Engines

ClusterAi uses data from the search engines themselves to make keyword decisions by crawling and retrieving the top 10 websites ranking for each keyword .

Group 4967
Group 4964

Compare Keywords

ClusterAi matches every keyword against every other keyword and compares the number of pages that rank for both sets of keywords.

Cluster Keywords

When ClusterAi finds 3 or more pages that rank for a set of keywords, it’s likely you can also rank for this set of keywords with one page also.

Group 4965
Group 4966

You’re done!

Your list will process in a few minutes to a few hours depending on size. Your completed keyword groupings include your main keyword, every variation of the main keyword, and the total search volume of all the keywords combined.




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Turn SEO into your #1 acquisition channel.

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