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This training gives you access to all our battle-proven systems, SOPs and automations. We’ll help you build and scale your in-house content team to make organic search your #1 acquisition channel.

❌ No backlinks. ❌ No technical BS. ✅ Just great content, at scale.

“The CD team has been a huge asset helping scale ClickUp’s content velocity. Awesome content, great people, really organized and easy to work with.”

Alexander York

Senior Content Manager @ company-logo

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📈 Scaling content velocity is the biggest challenge in SEO

Publishing a lot of content requires people.

And people are inherently more complex than 301 redirects.


Every word is a liability to mess something up.

Messaging, positioning, internal linking, offers, CTAs, pricing. And there are a lot of mistakes.


Edge cases and fires compound as you scale.

Burning everyone out.


Your content isn’t ranking as well as it could.

And you don’t know why.

🥹 The options for scaling content velocity aren't great


There is a ton of info on SEO, but there is almost zero info on content operations.

Buying a course

SEOs traditionally don’t value content. Most courses only cover surface-level content operations, are video-based, and don’t have SOPs you can hand off to your team today.

Content mills and marketplaces

Cheap content providers are selling a deliverable, not an outcome. Chances are this content won’t rank or generate ROI. And you just lost 3-6 months of forward momentum and tens of thousands of dollars.

Hiring agencies

The best agencies you want to work with have more demand than capacity and charge fees that reflect that. The agencies you can afford haven’t done what you want to achieve.

Hiring in-house

Employees don’t walk in the door with content ops SOPs, templates, and documentation. That stuff belongs to their former employer. Expect hundreds of hours building the basics.

Instead, you need a complete set of documentation and systems covering every aspect of the content production lifecycle. And help implementing it.

We call this the Content Ops Framework.

The Content Ops Framework combines 100+ SOPs and templates, automations, and systems to scale content velocity to hundreds of pages per month.

With the Content Ops Framework, you get:

Consistent growth

Week over week growth, most weeks.

Streamlined systems

Scale up without burning everyone out.

Lower cost

We'll help you build an off-shore, in-house team that outperforms their US counterparts at 70% lower salaries.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you're following a predictable framework that has repeatedly created the outcome you now want to achieve.

Better ROI

Content published using the Content Ops Framework generates more traffic than other content.

What growth looks like with the Content Ops Framework

⚒️ Content Ops Framework vs. DIY

Content Ops FrameworkDIY
Hundreds of SOPs, examples, and templates you can delegate to your team on day one.Spend hundreds of hours creating every piece of documentation from scratch.
We've done this so many times, there are no more unknown unknowns.The freelancer or in-house team member has achieved what you want to achieve, once, maybe twice, maybe never.
We've developed predictable systems to identify and hire highly skilled, overlooked talent that outperforms their US counterparts.Hire at US rates.
The largest SEO expense is content, the Content Ops Framework ensures you maximize your spend.Hope for the best.

What sets the Content Ops Framework apart?

Agency R&D

  • We proved it works again, and again
  • By taking 5 projects from 0 to 100,000+ organics/month
  • And a ton of smaller wins


Community Validation

  • We opened up the Content Ops Framework in early 2022
  • Beta tested with our community, helping several brands hit 100,000 organics/month
  • Proving anyone can crush SEO with our system


Content Ops Framework

Now it’s your turn.

Outcome & results > everything

Most SEO courses focus on technical BS, hacks, and tricks for you to do yourself.

The Content Ops Framework is a series of playbooks, systems, and step-by-step SOPs across the entire content production lifecycle, for you to delegate to your team and then hold them accountable.

Most courses

  1. Hours of video
  2. Overly focused on hacks, shortcuts, and technical info
  3. Many tactics that don’t move the needle
  4. Minimal information on scaling content ops

Content Ops Framework

  1. Proven tactics and strategies
  2. SOPs from our agency
  3. How to do the work for each role on the team

Here's how we'll build content ops into your cultural DNA


Systems and

Deploy our content management system and automations, get familiar with the Content Ops Framework SOPs, join our Slack channel, RSVP for office hours, and schedule a kickoff call.


Go To Market (GTM)

Most people think scaling content velocity is just publishing words. Scaling content velocity only works if the foundational work at the beginning is done correctly. We spend 6-weeks creating enablement documentation before writing the first word of publishable content.


Knowledge Transfer

Extracting the most important information from stakeholders.


Building the Project Bible

This document covers your brand’s tone, voice, messaging, positioning, industry overview, competitors, and more.


Creating Your Topical Map

Reveal every single opportunity to get in front of a qualified audience across the entire funnel.


Designing Your Content Series Template

The CST is like a content brief but for hundreds of pages of content.




We’ll help you source, test, and hire highly talented offshore applicants your competition is overlooking at 70% lower rates than their US counterparts

Writers, editors, VAs, and SEOs, we have a predictable recruiting playbook to hire the top 1% for every role you need.


Start Publishing

The foundation is laid, and it’s time to start writing. Your feedback on the initial content cohort is integrated into the project documentation.



Everybody knows SEO takes time, but we’ve developed a system to know if your campaign is off-track within 8 weeks.



You’re ROI positive, and it’s time to scale up.


You’ll need 8–11 people to hit 100+ pages per month. We’ll help you build systems for all the friction points of managing people. Onboarding, promotions, invoicing, payments, project management, offboarding, policies and everything else.


5–6 Writers

Each publishing about 30,000 words per month.


2–3 Editors

Each editor can manage 2-3 full-time writers.


1 VA

Uploading and updating internal links, etc.



That’s you or someone we help you hire.



Technical SEO

Make a change once, and it propagates every page on your website. Technical SEO has high leverage when you have a big footprint in the SERPs and low leverage when you have a few pages.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Who is the Content Ops Framework for?

  • You have the ambition but not the budget to engage an agency like us
  • You want to build content ops into your org DNA
  • You have a business model that is working, and customers love
  • Other acquisition channels are already working, but maybe not as fast as you’d like
  • You’re responsible for leading the growth
  • You don’t want to spend hundreds of hours creating your documentation
  • Maybe you don’t have SEO experience, and you want guardrails. Maybe you do and just want to hit the ground running.

Who is not for?

  • You can’t spend at least $5,000/month on writers and editors
  • Your goal is to start an affiliate website
  • SEOs looking to self-learn to get a better job
  • You’re looking for shortcuts, hacks, and tricks to avoid hard work
  • You’d rather outsource growth (to an agency like us)

“The CD team has been a huge asset helping scale ClickUp’s content velocity. Awesome content, great people, really organized and easy to work with.”

Alexander York

Senior Content Manager @ company-logo

Build In-House

We’ll help you build and scale an in-house team.

Call for Pricing

What’s Included:

  • 100+ SOPs
  • Internal docs on 5+ example projects
  • 100,000 ClusterAi credits
  • Workello subscription
  • Weekly office hours call
  • Private member only community
  • Review your deliverables


We do everything, you sit back, relax, and take the credit.

Call for Pricing

What’s Included:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Enablement documentation
  • Keyword research
  • Content production
  • Uploading
  • Internal linking
  • Site structure
  • Technical SEO


How does this whole thing work?

We set you up for success with…

  • 100+ SOPs to delegate to your writers, editors, VAs, PMs and SEOs
  • Office hours for anything you need
  • Private community for Q&A between office hours
  • Review your key deliverables for alignment with our SOPs
  • Help you find and hire the top 1% of your applicants
  • Systems to automate and reduce friction at scale
  • KPIs and benchmarks to hold your team accountable to

How much work do I need to do?

The engagement needs a project manager. This can be you, someone on your team, or someone we help you hire. Expect to be hands-on with content for the first 8-12 weeks while ramping.

Does this program work for B2B, B2C, or DTC?

Yes, this program has been used successfully by B2B SaaS, B2C SaaS, and DTC e-commerce.

I'm pre-revenue. Am I a good fit?

This program is not a good fit for pre-revenue companies without a proven business model and a predictable ability to convert a qualified audience into revenue.

How does hiring work?

We’ve spent thousands of hours iterating on a hiring funnel that has helped us hire hundreds of great people the competition can’t find. We’ll help you write your job description, build a pre-hire skills test and hiring workflow, with sourcing great candidates, interviewing, offers, and onboarding.

Who is a good fit?

The Content Ops Framework is a great fit for founders and marketers with at least $50k MRR and can invest at least $60,000 per year into writers and editors to produce content.

How much do I need to spend on content to make the program worth it?

At least $5,000/month.

📣 What the Community is Saying

Impact Motivated

We help category leaders, and future category leaders scale content velocity with fully managed content production. We help hundreds of bootstrapped startups build in-house SEO programs using our SOPs + your staff.

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