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YouTube Marketing: 0 to 100,000 Minutes Viewed in 9 month

Every single day, my YouTube channel for Doggypedia has more than 24 hours of view time.

I attribute my success to two things:

1) The clickbaity thumbnails everyone does (easy)
2) Slamming new videos with as much referral traffic as quickly as possible (hard)

Any kind of referral traffic should work, as long as the traffic engages well with the video – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Email lists, embedding in existing webpages with traffic, etc.

Then wait a few months, just like with organic search.

Why Driving Referral Traffic Helps Your YouTube Channel Generate Organic Traffic

Something like a bazillion new YouTube videos are uploaded to YouTube every day.

Google’s goal is to show the content that keeps the viewer on their site longer.

So when you send referral traffic that engages well with the video, Google starts to get some data in.

And they compare your user engagement metrics to other videos they could show instead of yours.

And if yours are in the same ballpark, they start testing your video.

And if it gets as good, or better engagement than competing videos.

They show your video to more people.

And more and more and more.