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Hey, I’m Nick from Seattle

I create content distribution engines

Buyer Persona

Build a profile of the audience you want to get in-front of

Opportunity Analysis

Identify tens of thousands of keywords your target audience is searching for across the buying funnel

Content Calendar

Convert our list of thousands of keywords into unique content topics using proprietary tools that group keywords that can rank together

Writer Recruitment

Review hundreds of candidates to find the most qualified writers available within your content budget

Content Management

Manage the entire content production pipeline from assigning content to writers, reviewing deliverables, optimizing to rank naturally, to creating featured images and publishing


Check the status of every piece of content in the production pipeline, at any time, on any device so you know what we know.

Learn how to

Outranking Shopify & Instagram

Learn how I outrank stronger, more powerful domains by giving Google what it wants to show searchers - the highest quality, most relevant content for any given search query. In this example I show off how we outranked Instagram & Shopify for their own branded keywords.

Everything you know

About SEO is a lie

I present the strategy I used to grow my former employer, Logic Inbound from 0 to 103,000 organic search visitors/month in 13 months to Seattle Search Network, Seattle's largest search marketing group.

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We're located in Seattle, WA. but work all over the globe.

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