???? 0 to 103,000 Organic Visitors Per Month

My very first SEO project grew from 445 → 103,000 organics/month in 13 months.

I had no prior SEO experience.
And I approached the project in a way that would sound absolutely ridiculous in 2018.
❌ No backlinks.
❌ No technical BS.
❌ No hacks or shortcuts.
✅ Just great content.
Today, I call this approach content velocity, but in 2018, it didn’t have a name — because nobody was talking about it.

In this case study, I’ll show you how I crushed SEO without learning how to build backlinks or do weird technical stuff.
And this strategy still works today because I’ve used essentially the same approach to take 5 projects from 0 to 100,000+ organics/month.

???? Background

If this is your first piece of ContentDistribution.com content, here’s what you gotta know.
We’ve taken 5 projects from 0 to 100,000+ organics/month without building backlinks or doing technical BS.
We did it by creating the highest quality, most relevant page of content Google could show for the keywords we wanted to rank for and doing that over and over again.
Basically, good content at scale.
And we’ve documented exactly how we do it:

  1. 0 to 103,000 organics/month (first big win)
  2. 0 to 119,000 organics/month (subscription DTC)
  3. 0 to 166,000 organics/month (second big win)
  4. 0 to 1,500,000 organics/month (biggest win for A16Z startup)
  5. Baby fat graphs (not quite big enough for their own case study)

Learn Tip : Open up each case study in a new tab and read them too.

⚒️ The Setup

I had spent my entire career in early-stage startups, most recently as employee #8 in a startup that grew to 200 employees in 4 years, bootstrapped, raised a few rounds, and was acquired for a lot of $$$.

  1. One-to-one conversations
  2. Having to live in similar time zones to your customers
  3. Not creating value the minute you step away from your keyboard